Declan's Chinese FlashCards

Declan's Chinese FlashCards 1.6

Declan's Chinese FlashCards is an excellent Chinese teaching program

Declan's Chinese FlashCards is a shareware program that has been designed to help us learn the Chinese language. From the main application window, we can view the Installed Word Files, Selected Word File Details, Management and Options, Flash Cards and Exercises, Help and Register. We can also select to use Chinese Simplified fonts or Traditional Chinese Fonts, and view the pronunciation with Pinyin tone or numbers. From the Review Words button and the Flash Cards button, we can view the words, their meanings, and their pronunciation by a native speaker. There are many types of exercises, which include selecting a Kangi character by its written meaning or written pronunciation, recording our pronunciation and comparing to that of the native speaker, listening comprehension, connecting words with their meaning, tones exercise and many more. We are allowed to do the exercises as many times as we like to. It is possible to import word files from the developer's archive, and import/export our own word files. We can evaluate this program free of charge for 15 days.

Review summary


  • Many different types of exercises
  • Audio by a native speaker
  • Free evaluation version
  • Import/export word files


  • None
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